Robert L. Halloran and Henry Eno Sage founded Halloran Sage in 1935 upon two bedrock principles: vigorous representation of clients and superior responsiveness to clients’ needs. Through the years, their two-lawyer partnership grew and diversified to become what it is today – one of Connecticut’s leading law firms. Much has changed since 1935, but our commitment to our founders’ principles remains as solid today as on the day Halloran and Sage first shook hands as partners.

Something else remains unchanged – our belief that meeting clients’ needs should be the driving force in our growth. Four years after starting the firm, Halloran and Sage saw a need to better serve clients in the areas of estate and probate, real property, business associations and commercial transactions. So they brought in a third partner, Howard B. Phelon, former general counsel to City Bank of Hartford, who had the knowledge and experience to address that need. The firm continued to grow at a measured pace, increasing in great strides over time, with unwavering focus on the goal of strengthening our ability to serve the full range of our clients’ needs.

For over twenty years, Goodwin Square, in the center of downtown Hartford, has been the mainstay and headquarters of Halloran Sage. Our objective of delivering superior client service also drove our geographic expansion. We opened our first branch office in 1963 in Middletown, Conn. and then expanded to Fairfield County when we opened our Westport, Conn., branch in 1996. In 2001, seeing a need to enhance our services to clients in public contracting and federal regulatory matters, we opened our Washington, D.C. office. Since 2008, we have continued to service our clients by opening additional locations in New London, New Haven and Danbury, Conn. Throughout our expansion and evolution we have always remained involved and committed to our community’s growth and vitality.

Long recognized for our litigation practice, Halloran Sage has evolved into a sophisticated, full-service law firm representing businesses and individuals in a diverse array of essential legal matters. While much of our work is in the Northeast, our clients and cases come from throughout the United States and overseas. To better service clients worldwide, we are members of the ALFA International, a legal network. The ALFA network is comprised of more than 125 law firms (85 in the United States) with nearly 300 offices throughout the U.S. and around the world. More information about ALFA can be found at www.alfainternational.com. In 2000, we launched our affiliate, Halloran & Sage Government Affairs LLC, to provide legislative, regulatory and executive lobbying and consulting services.

Through eight decades of growth, our firm has adhered to its founders’ principles of vigorous representation and superior responsiveness. It is a tradition of quality that will carry our firm well into the future.

Pro Bono

Our firm is committed to providing legal services to those in need. As such, the firm maintains a formal pro bono program which invests thousands of hours a year to pro bono legal services across all of its offices. We believe it is our professional responsibility to assist those in our communities who cannot afford legal services and are effectively denied access to justice. It is also the right thing to do. Because our offices focus on the needs in their local communities, the pro bono matters that we work on are diverse, including matters such as tax law, mergers and acquisitions, landlord/tenant, VA administration, estate planning, divorce, support enforcement, post judgment support, general liability, criminal, real estate transactions.

Additionally, our Firm provides thousands of volunteer hours and supports numerous activities and events sponsored by charitable and civic organizations throughout our region. Our firm recognizes the advantages it enjoys by virtue of its position in the community. And we support our community by providing access to legal services for those who need them most but cannot afford them. Halloran Sage is committed to enhancing life in the communities in which we live and work.

Make Payment

Halloran Sage has partnered with LawPay, to accept credit card payments as a convenient option for our clients. LawPay utilizes the latest security protocols to ensure that your credit card transactions are safe and secure.

Please note that his service is for existing clients ONLY. If a payment cannot be matched to an existing account, we will reject the charge. The only way you can secure legal representation by one of our lawyers is by receipt of an executed engagement letter or agreement by an authorized representative of Halloran Sage.

Two payment transaction types are available, please click on the link below that applies:

If you are missing any required information or need help making a payment, please contact our accounting department by phone 860-522-6103 or email accounting@halloransage.com


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