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Industries & Institutions

While many legal issues are common to all sectors of our economy, our extensive experience and deep insight relative to certain markets allow us to add particular value.

Whether it be guiding you through specific challenges that may be unique to your market or creating customized solutions to leverage opportunities, our attorneys will listen carefully to understand your goals and then collaborate to achieve them.



We’re at the forefront of insurance law, handling trials and appeals of complex coverage disputes, as well as extra-contractual claims. Outside the courtroom, we provide advice on risk management, and opinions on coverage

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Highly specialized counsel navigating through the constantly evolving laws and regulations that inform health related business transactions, information privacy issues, and litigation and alternative dispute resolution.

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With on-staff engineers who practiced in both the private and public sectors and a former vice president of a major construction company, we have unique insight into drafting and negotiating construction, design and financial agreements, counseling on risk management and avoidance, and resolving’ claims and disputes.

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Real Estate

We have the capacity to manage complex, document-intensive deals and development projects. Our firm has the depth of personnel to handle complex real estate transactions and other projects, including construction matters, environmental and land use, energy and litigation.

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Banking/Financial Services

Through our extensive experience, we have a broad understanding of the diverse needs of banks and financial institutions, whether they relate to transactions or litigation. The client is the focus of every matter we handle. We strive to fully understand each entity’s unique business objectives and then tailor a legal strategy to move them forward.  It is an approach that has earned the continued trust of the financial institutions that rely on us.

Food & Beverage

We regularly help with critical matters such as the negotiating of commercial leases, recently helping a restaurant group successfully negotiate leases in numerous U.S. states. We also guide liquor store owners through the licensing process and in matters related to distributing, selling and dispensing liquor, and regularly defends clients before the Department of Consumer Protection and the Liquor Control Board in matters related to license revocation, regulatory matters and fines and penalties.


We have deep experience structuring and documenting commercial transactions and other business relationships, including property acquisitions, joint ventures, mortgage financing, land-use matters, environmental due diligence and risk management, property dispositions, ground leases, leasing transactions and sale-leaseback transactions. We also guide our clients through the process of licensing and franchising, and negotiating agreements concerning intellectual property.


We understand the nuances of municipal law. Over the last 80 years, we have represented more than half of Connecticut’s 169 cities and towns, as town attorney and special counsel, both directly and by virtue of insurance coverage. Our teams are ready to effectively represent municipalities, their officials, boards, commissions and employees in administrative proceedings and litigation in both state and federal courts.

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We help non-profit organizations face the increasingly complex issues affecting their growth. We support trade, professional, charitable and other non-profits in their ability to organize and operate. Our expertise can guide formation, management and corporate matters; government relations and lobbying; taxation; administrative and regulatory matters; real estate acquisition, development and management; labor and employment; and litigation.

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Professional Services

We help our clients construct paths to more secure futures—financially, personally and professionally. We counsel professionals on risk management, helping them avoid or minimize problems before they occur. We’ve represented directors and officers in disputes involving all aspects of corporate decision-making. We’ve also represented legal professionals in malpractice lawsuits, attorneys in grievance proceedings and in suits by non-clients, and law firms sued as the result of a lawyer’s defalcation.

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We serve as general counsel to retailers in their corporate and commercial affairs, representing them in business, commercial, insurance, real estate and employment litigation. We represent retailers in the development, management and leasing of standalone establishments, shopping centers and shopping malls. We also provide advice and guidance on project development and finance, construction and facilities management and environmental compliance. We’re especially experienced at handling products liability and consumer cases, with extensive experience defending against premises liability claims, including slip-and-fall cases against grocery stores.


We represent trucking and transportation companies that are national, regional and local self-insured, as well as less-than-truckload (LTL) carriers, parcel express companies and household goods movers. We have experience in accident litigation, including cases involving catastrophic injury and wrongful death. We also provide counsel on matters involving federal regulatory compliance, cargo claims, driver error, negligent hire, driver fatigue and log book issues, logo/placard liability, breach of contract, agency disputes, hazardous materials, workers’ compensation, labor and employment, insurance coverage and development of truck terminals.

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Business Owners

Halloran Sage’s attorneys serve as trusted counselors to business owners,  providing planning and advice on all aspects of a company’s business life.  From business formation,  organization, and governance, to contract negotiation and interpretation,  to assistance with operating issues as they arise, to guidance concerning private and institutional  financing of business ventures and securities act compliance, we work with our clients to develop both short and long term plans to achieve their goals. We regularly represent owners in business transactions involving mergers and acquisitions, stock sales, asset sales, joint ventures, intellectual property, licensing, franchise and distribution, strategic alliances and other partnering arrangements, commercial real estate acquisition and leasing, as well as debt and equity financing. We assist owners in all aspects of these transactions, including providing advice on structure and how best to negotiate, as well as providing specialized advice on environmental law, securities, taxation, intellectual property protection, and data security.

We serve as general counsel to a variety of businesses. We have experience with the operations and needs of companies in a range of industries and strategic endeavors. We regularly work with service-based enterprises and companies operating in a variety of fields, including retail, manufacturing, construction, transportation, recreation, leisure and energy. Our clients include emerging and entrepreneurially driven growth companies focused on health care, medical products, payment processing, software development, IoT, AI, sporting goods, recreational services, restaurant services, insurance and financial, and online retail, among others.

We offer comprehensive business consultation and practical and creative solutions to achieve the owner’s business goals. Our practice is distinguished not solely by our legal skills, but also by our business savvy. Throughout our representation, we work closely with you to ensure a legal strategy that matches your short and long term business strategy and goals.


Start up Entrepreneurial Businesses

We have helped thousands of entrepreneurs launch new businesses.  We start by meeting with you to listen to your business ideas, and your business objectives, learn about the background and intended role of each initial owner, and identify the financial and operating needs of the new venture.  Then, we work with you to choose the right business structure and organizational documents, as well as the agreements defining the relationships between the initial owners.  We guide you through the start-up process, helping you to prioritize the needs of your new business to work within what is often a limited budget until financing becomes available.

Intellectual and other property right transfers, the terms of third party consulting agreements, and decision-making about equity incentive compensation plans, among a myriad of other steps depending on the particular business, are essential both to prepare for financing: whether institutional or through private placements of securities, and to increase the likelihood of the Company’s success through careful upfront planning.

Particularly for technology start-ups, but also for a host of others, we assist our clients in identifying their financing needs, the type of security and terms of offering that meets the  Company’s needs, and  possible available exemptions  from federal and securities registration; and provide clients with advice and guidance in the preparation of necessary disclosure and subscription documentation, as well as necessary federal and state filings, as well as detailed instruction and assistance in the best practices of conducting a private placement of exempt securities.

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Sole Proprietorships

We recognize that sole proprietors often have their hands full just dealing with the day-to-day running of their business and do not have the time or resources to keep abreast of all the rules and regulations that may apply to their operation, much less develop and implement long term strategies. We partner with you by tapping into our broad experience to provide guidance on a whole range of issues impacting your business.

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Family Businesses

Family businesses often have unique challenges around the issue of succession planning.  According to recent studies, closely-held businesses represent 47% of the nation’s gross domestic product. Unfortunately, these same surveys indicate that 70% of those businesses will not survive the transition from the first generation to the second. Of those that do survive the transfer through the first generation, only 17% survive a transfer to the third generation, and less than 10% will survive a transfer to the fourth generation. A defining characteristic of those businesses that survive is the quality of their succession plan.

For family-owned business, a succession plan is as important as an estate plan is to an individual. Transitions in ownership and management are inevitable – having a sound succession plan in place protects the business, its owners and their families. Our practice in this area is firmly rooted in decades of providing legal counsel to multi-generational businesses.

We assist you in creating a comprehensive succession plan individually tailored to the unique characteristics and needs of your business and family. Depending on your particular business and goals, plans may provide for inter-generational transfers of ownership over time by gifting, or repurchase; or a planned transition to one or more key employees through a structured buy-out and related documentation regarding voting, timing of payments, and security for payment; or an ultimate sale to a third party, whether a competitor or strategic buyer of your business.

We prepare the documentation necessary to effectuate the succession plan you choose, which may, in addition to shareholder’ agreements, buy-sell agreements, and related documents, also include traditional estate planning documents.  We work with your accounting representative, financial advisors, and life insurance professionals to make sure that your succession plan is seamless, and all arrangements dovetail.

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Business Sellers

Deciding to sell a business is often the most difficult decision a business owner faces, and involves many complex choices, such as when the owner or owners want to sell, who is a likely buyer for the business, what will happen to the employees in the event of a sale, what is a fair value for the company that an owner may well have spent a lifetime to build, and what steps should the owner take.to prepare for the sale and maximize the value.   We encourage our clients to plan the “exit strategy” years ahead of time, if possible.  If there’s one or more natural successors to the business in existing management, grooming those “heirs”, and creating a succession plan early on can provide peace of mind and maximize value to the owners, as well as provide significant incentives to the management team to stay on and grow the business.

If the likely buyer is an outsider – possibly a strategic acquirer, a competitor, or venture firm; preparing the company for that sale takes significant time.  We work with the owners, and accounting representatives, to identify and implement steps that will increase the attractiveness of the company to a potential buyer when the time is right.  In a competitive economy, with an aging baby boomer population, and record numbers of businesses “ripe” for sale, the most efficient operations with the best legal and financial records will be those that survive “due diligence” investigation and bring the best price.

If the sale will be pursued as an M&A transaction with an investment banking concern, identifying the right investment banker for the particular business takes time, and negotiating the confidentiality and fee agreement is paramount, because the investment banker, and the business accountant and attorney, together with the Company’s management team, working in tandem leads to the greatest likelihood of a successful transaction.

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Individuals & Families

We offer a pragmatic approach and provide real-world strategies for life’s critical transitions and challenging circumstances. We get to know you and your family’s priorities, so we can tailor our services to your needs and skillfully guide you towards the best possible outcome.


Home Owners & Sellers

Purchasing or selling a home requires skillful, responsive support.  Whether you are buying a house for the first time, selling a piece of property, refinancing a home, in need of a title search or in need of assistance with landlord- tenant matters, your transaction will be handled smoothly and efficiently. Our counsel will provide you with peace of mind and a clear path forward.

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Entrepreneurs require counsel that takes into consideration your long-range goals, opportunities and challenges. If you are considering starting, buying or selling a business, our legal advisors will be invested in your success. At the outset, we will provide guidance on choice of entity, appropriate organization, negotiation of agreements and avoidance of pitfalls.  Every business is unique and we will assemble for you a dynamic team that can offer guidance related to any business matter that may arise.

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The Injured & The Accused

Whether you are accused of a crime or in need of a personal injury attorney, we can guide you through the often unpleasant process.  Our attorneys have a thorough knowledge of the latest developments in the legal field and an understanding of local practices and procedures.  We represent the injured in claims due to negligence or wrongdoing, wrongful death, car accidents, and injuries due to defective premises or those sustained at work. We represent the accused in matters related to white collar crimes, corruption investigations, sex offenses, operating under the influence, illegal drugs possession and juvenile cases. Regardless of the matter, we will advocate for your best interests.

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People In Marital Transition

Navigating transitions can be challenging, but having a solutions-oriented advocate for your future makes all the difference. Whether you are a spouse, parent, child, unmarried couple, or same-sex partner, we can lead you in the areas of divorce, pre-nuptial agreements, marriage, child custody or child support. Different circumstances require different strategies, and our attorneys are prepared to provide collaborative solutions, mediations, or aggressive litigation to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

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People Planning For The Future

Long-term planning for you and your loved ones requires informed, sensitive, and pragmatic counsel. Whether you are transferring a family-owned business, concerned with protecting assets from death taxes and avoiding probate proceedings, or wishing to provide for the needs of family or charities, our attorneys can skillfully guide you through these complex decisions. We will clarify the confusing aspects of tax and estate planning as we assist you in crafting a comprehensive estate plan, and for those who serve as executor or trustee of the estate of a parent or relative, we will assist you in every step of the probate process.

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