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Elder Law

The Halloran & Sage Elder Law Practice Group attorneys focus on the estate planning and long-term care needs of older and disabled individuals and its impact upon their families. We understand that health and finance considerations often raise difficult and stressful issues in the lives of elders and their family members. Having to face the complexities of legal and health-care issues only compound these worries. We devote our professional attention to assessing your unique needs and matching you with precisely crafted solutions.

For our elder clients, we provide estate planning services that include long-term care and disability planning, as well as prepare living wills and health care directives/proxies for their protection. In order to determine the most appropriate way to protect and preserve assets from the expense of long-term care, we conduct a comprehensive, long-term care planning evaluation. We constantly monitor the ever-changing and complex rules of Medicaid and Medicare to provide the best up-to-date advice. We also prepare and submit applications for assistance, serve as your go-between with government agencies, and represent clients in state agency appeals.

For our clients with disabilities, we not only assist them with their estate planning for their long-term needs but also advise family members on the use of special-needs trusts to provide for such disabled family members while preserving their eligibility for Medicaid and other public benefits.

When loved ones can no longer manage their personal or financial affairs, we assist their family members in seeking guardianship or conservatorship appointments and we provide guidance and counsel for those appointed guardians/conservators. We also accept direct appointments as guardian or conservator and assume responsibility for the oversight of the person's medical, legal, and financial needs pursuant to such appointments. We likewise assist with every step of the probate process and represent you if litigation arises involving wills, capacity or fiduciary administration matters.